Dit stuk gaat over een onderzoek dat de Yale University heeft uitgevoerd.

Tom, You got me thinking about training when you made a comment I don't know how people become so proficient at so many different arts when I have had my hands full just trying to be decent in Wado . Privately you and I have discussed how ludicrous it is to claim proficiency in 5 or 6 martial arts. But we are often too polite or we struggle for the words to explain to someone that in our opinion this is ridiculous to claim mastery or even proficiency in a number of disparate martial arts. So to separate opinion from scientific fact I decided to do a little research. So that this post is not a few hundred pages I will claim that scientific research has established several benchmarks in motor skill training/education. One of these benchmarks is that the average human needs to repeat a desired motion for it become purely reflexive three thousand times. This is correct repetition and “Right Practice”. I will site my sources and if anyone desires a more in-depth explanation of this premise send me an e-mail, privately.

A number of the top researchers in sports training and in brain trauma therapy have discovered that for some reason right around 3,000 times a familiar repetition becomes purely reflexive. For those of you with a musical background the University of Utah was conducting independent research regarding perfect pitch and their research indicates for you to develop perfect pitch you need to hear a note approximately 3000 times.
So if you wish to develop a perfect reverse punch and step and punch you merely repeat this motion three thousand times and you have it right? No it is much more complex than that. “the rule of specificity of practice recognizes that the efficacy of the practice is  directly related to the degree of specificity with which the practice involves the specific motor skills and performance parameters that constitute the body discipline, the more effective the practice will in developing that particular discipline”, (Mental Discipline, The Pursuit of Peak Performance). 
You must repeat your motion three thousand times exactly correct. And a simple reverse punch involves your whole body, the legs, hips, back shoulders and so all move and they all must move exactly correct for you to develop that perfect reverse punch. Having said that many people do this everyday. Some extraordinary folks like Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali may have had to do a little less than this hallmark number. But we do not know because both had the reputation, in their youth of practicing more than anyone else in the gym. OK with me now on the number of repetitions? How does this relate to our heroes who have mastered 85 weapons and 8 different martial arts? Usining Wado as our example I wondered how long would it take to master each and every movement within our style. And Wado is the style you want to compare, because we have a relatively short curriculum list. 
So add up all the individual techniques, calculate how long it take to do one rep, I figure 1 second is good. Sure you can do a punch quicker than this. But remember you have to do exactly right so you may want to take your time. So I used forty different punches kicks and blocks at 1 second each, very conservative. Now you have to combine these into combinations, for your Ren waka waza at a mere 15 seconds each and of course multiply by at least 10 different cominbinations times 3,000 each. Go onto movement drills, Surikomi, Suriashi, Okurashi, Oi Komi Kata at and average of about 40 seconds to complete then times our lowly number of 15 katas all this times 3,000. Don't forget Tanto Dori, Ohyo Gumite, Kihon Gumite, idori, Sword defense, Sanbon gumite and/or Kumite gata, ippon gummite and so one. And I was stingy allowing time to do these. 
The final summation looks like this: 
TOTAL SECONDS 17,904,000 secs 
TOTAL MINUTES 298,400 min. 
TOTAL HOURS 4,973 hours 
Using 6 hours per week 829 weeks If you spend 6 hours per week without fail 17 years Counting training 50 weeks per year 17 years of diligent training without missing a beat. Day after day, weeks into years, always training always correctly, never stopping. This tells us what we knew already, some folks choose quantity over quality. Sincerely Doug Jepperson someone who has not logged his 17 years of perfect practice in spite of 35 years of trying 
Dit is als 1:100 jaar is als 4:25 jaar etc etc